There is maintenance work at the IRBM Data Center from 17th February until 19th February 2023. e-Data PCB System is expected to be unable to operate from 2.15 p.m. 17 February 2023 until 19 February 2023.


e-Data PCB system allows employer to validate and upload CP39 text file through online. It also helps employer submits the data with the format specified by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

User has to register before using this system. Please check your email and click on link provided to activate the account after registration.

Attention: This system will store only validated, PASSED and confirmed submission PCB/CP38 data.

FPX Payment

e-Data PCB users can choose to pay their PCB either through online by using FPX Services or at selected banks.

The FPX service is provided by these banks :

 The payment received date is the payment date through FPX.

 The slip bank is an acknowledgement receipt of payment by the employers.